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    How to work with album and book covers?

    Hello! I hope someone can help me. I have deeply questions about working with photo manipulations as the creation of album and book covers: How does buying images work? They seem pretty expensive on the stock websites, or should my price be very (over)expensive, but even if it was, I would...
  2. E

    Lets talk about making a living from photoshop

    Hello. Photoshop is a great and powerful tool. You can create any picture with a creative ability. A lot of effects and possibilities. Today with the internet it is possible to make a living through the internet. Lets talk a little bit about how one can make a living from creating pictures with...
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    New member needing a file changed

    I have a logo for my foundation that I would like to use to make t shirts to sell to people who not only want to support us but that I can make for events to sell and wear. The file has a white background which makes it impossible to make nice t shirts with. I was wondering if someone can...
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    Illustrator CS6 - is possible to sell licence legally?

    Hi, last year I've bought Illustrator CS6 (BOX). Now this program is useless for me and I'd like to sell legally my licence. Is that possible? Program has been registered by me on Adobe website. I will be grateful for help, regards.
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    Where To Sell?

    i was wondering who or where can i sell my products to? thanks