1. J

    Sepia in Photoshop CS6

    Can you please let me have a simple method for turning colour photos to sepia with Photoshop CS6? Many thanks in advance. JoeJ
  2. S

    Sepia in PS v7..?

    Help...I have photo's I'd like to render with a sepia tone: PS version 7 Shots are originally in color... Would a straight RGB value change do what I want, and IF so, what RGB values..? Should I convert to monochrome first..? The PS HELP page is totally useless to me, and does not give me...
  3. K

    HELP getting this exact effect with photoshop

    I have been trying to reproduce this effect on another picture for the past 3 days but I cant seem to achieve the smoothness of the shadows. The picture I have is colored and High resolution enoough but the final result seems to be grainy and pixelated. I ve tried using the pop art tutorial...
  4. JustThisGood

    Create the perfect Sepia Tone Effect!

    Thanks for watching PSG!
  5. T

    Creating a series of sepia photos that are the same shade.

    I wonder if anyone can advise me please? I am trying to create a series of images in sepia that are roughly the same shade. To do this I am desaturating the image and then going to Image> Adjust> Variations, moving the course slier down one notch less than the middle, clicking on more yellow...
  6. B

    Sepia layer

    Hi all, I am trying to create a template that when an image is inserted, approx one third of the image will be transformed to sepia, the rest of the image will remain untouched. (See example that i created manually, attached). I have no difficulty creating sepia images, or doing this manually...