1. T

    How would i do this

    How would i remove a head and place in hands or arm in photoshop. Like the poster of ichabod crane from sleepy hollow series. Does anyone know of a tutorial out there on this.
  2. agentmoeller


    Charlie Cox from the Netflix series, Daredevil. Painted in Procreate. Agent
  3. agentmoeller

    Procreate caricature

    Painted in Procreate for iPad. Margaret Qualley, as Jill Garvey, in HBO's series "The Leftovers."
  4. chrisdesign

    3D Tree Variations

    On my last post Eggy (our new moderator) suggested to add a tree to my work. From this most useful link for 3D objects I downloaded a tree and created these series of images in BLENDER. Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.
  5. G

    3D Lowpoly Octopus

    Hello for the first time i bring to this session a series of videos I'm making of a scenario called Lost In The Sea. It's for a video game we creating in the company I work. And this Octopus is the first one of the series. Soon there will be videos from, setting the world and materials to look...
  6. H

    Lens distortion corrections (Was: New photographer in town!)

    I am a Norwegian photography artist which have been using photoshop a lot for the past 9 years. I have quite good skills and have developed artistic expressions which haven´t been used much before, since it demands a lot from photoshop. The reason I joined this Forum is because I always think...
  7. Pixel and Bracket

    Photoshop Shortcut Series

    Hey guys! I've started a new shortcut series on my channel that is focused on helping you create a more efficient workflow in Photoshop. The shortcut videos will range from very basic to more complicated but I wanted to create a thread here to house them all, rather than posting them...
  8. Eggy

    The last in series of OOB's

    The last one with a touch of humour... :mrgreen:
  9. agentmoeller

    LAST in the series....

    ...for now. With WIP.
  10. Tony42

    Hi (from a new member)

    Hello everybody, I have around thirty, I live in Europe and I'm a comics fan, but also French-Belgian comic, tv series (Doctor Who, Arrow, Powers...), of animated series, movies and mangas. I decide to join this forum because I want to learn a lot about Photoshop and editing pictures ^^ I'm...
  11. F

    Ten years after

    Deleted, Shocked by the non response on something so personal that meant such a lot to me.
  12. T

    Creating a series of sepia photos that are the same shade.

    I wonder if anyone can advise me please? I am trying to create a series of images in sepia that are roughly the same shade. To do this I am desaturating the image and then going to Image> Adjust> Variations, moving the course slier down one notch less than the middle, clicking on more yellow...
  13. V

    Scale images in series (automatic)

    Hi there, please do you know if it´s possible to scale a image in differente sizes automatic. f.e. I have a image 1200x2000 an I would like to get 3 new images like 800x1000, 500x700 and 350x500 AUTOMATIC and without programming. It would be possibe with photoshop? thanks a lot and best regards
  14. G

    Nagel Brush Series - anyone have a list of names?

    Howdy, I just downloaded the Nagel series of brushes (1-39) and would like to organize them with my other brushes. The brushes all have names like "NagelSeries_24.abr" and I want to give them descriptive names so when I see them in PS I can make sense of what I have. I have searched for a...