1. T

    Hello...I have a LR problem

    Hi, I am a big LR user and that is a problem. The problem is I try and stay away from PS at all costs. Well, the type of photography I am doing as of late (Long exposure architecture) requires that I have PS mastery. I have committed myself to spending the rest of the year sharpening my PS...
  2. R

    Request for restoration and sharpening of photo

    please sharpen this photo
  3. K

    Need help sharpening/ darkening parts of this image...

    Hi All, Im new to this site and new to photography and Photoshop in general. I was needing help with the image below. The texture of this fabric is actually lace but its so bright you cant tell so Im trying to figure out how to make it not so bright and more toned down to show the details. Im...
  4. R

    Converting Photo to Statue

    This was more difficult than I initially thought and I doubt I could repeat it with the same result. There is a swirling texture in the marble statue that gives it a nice stone-like quality, but I don't know how I did that. I think it was a happy accident from multiple sharpening applications...
  5. J

    Sharpening with Photoshop CS6

    I am trying to sharpen an image with Filter > Sharpen Edges but the result is not satisfactory. What to do for heavier, more intense sharpening of a blurred portrait? Step-by-step directions please for a slow learner. Thank you. JoeJ
  6. D

    Photoshop CS6 looks like sharpening enabled/constant?

    Currently, when inside Photoshop CS6, it looks like there is a sharpening filter enabled constantly, no matter what photo I load. Also, when I do text, it has small jagged edges. However, when I export the photo, it does not look that way when I open the photo in an Image Viewer. If you...
  7. E

    How to get Lightroom alt+'sharpening mask' effect in Photoshop?

    Hi all, Since I started using Lightroom and Photoshop I've always wanted to know how I can make a photo look like it does when I press alt and adjust the sharpening mask slider in Lightroom. Here's an example of what I mean: Here's original photo: And here's the photo while pressing alt and...
  8. YahyaK

    Sharpening Blurry Images

  9. S

    "Masking" in Camera Raw

    Hi - Would someone please tell me what the "Masking" adjustment does within Camera Raw's (I have 4.6) Sharpening section? With the image at high magnification and moving the slider to extremes, I am not seeing any changes to my image. Thank you.
  10. FireWire

    Need the Ultimate Expert in "deblurring and sharpening" to fix an out of focus photo!

    Hi guys, I know this is my second post after my introduction and I am already asking for help, but this was the main reason why I found this forum... so hopefully I can get some great help with this particular picture (I normally don't ask for help such as this, but I have spent a few hours...