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    Facebook Cover Photo Request

    Hi, looking for a kind soul to help me out. I'm after depicting a Retro Shed, by that I mean a shed of some sorts probably slightly cartoony with Retro Games Consoles and Games spilling out of it. Im in the UK so would be looking for Pal variants of Nintendo Entertainment Sysytems, Super...
  2. L

    making isometric patterns with photoshop

    I would like to emulate a certain pattern for now, so i can use it in my tattoo designs and on my sign maybe. can anybody shed some light on how i can do this pattern easily and precisely?
  3. C

    Need a Fence and Shed inserted

    Hey All, If anyone could please take the original picture and add a Fence and Shed inside of the fenced in area I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking for a white Vinyl Fence and White Shed. The first picture is a rough sketch of the dimensions I'm looking for. On the front side of the fence it...
  4. M

    Little help on something I've forgotten!

    Hey all, I have a solid colored logo (white) and I want to fill it with an image I've taken. I've done this before but I cannot for the life of me remember how I did it! Could anyone shed some light on it for me? Thanks in advance! B
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    A Shed Load of Fun

    Hi Y'all, My friend has built this shed, he is very proud of it. And yes, it's a great shed. But, we think it's a little empty and needs some decorating. It needs more life, a more glamourous setting and maybe some personality? As a gift to him, we thought we could Photoshop it! This would...