1. X

    Please help me fix a photo of my Fiance's mother

    Wondering if I could get some help fixing this photo. As i mentioned, it's of my Fiance's mother who passed away when she was 11 and it's one of the few pictures she has of her. She's been looking at this version for 20 years, so I think it would be nice for her (and her aunt) to see it without...
  2. T

    After Effects Show Text as Person Talks - Premiere CS6

    Guys in my video..someone is talking really low..and in one instance i want the text to say what she is saying basically.. like basically she says..."Don't tell anyone, I wont tell anyone"...and as she's saying this id liek for it to come on the screen... What do you call that and how do you...
  3. Paul

    Happy Birthday MrTom

    Many happy returns mate, you share the day with my eldest she's 27 today how old are you old fruit:mrgreen:
  4. Paul

    Shes back again.

    Different style again, just playing around really.
  5. Paul

    Shes back

    Ok this one as my eyes her head a couple of effects in layers and a cracked paint effect, hope you like it?