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    Change photo to color

    Hey everyone, Can anyone change this photo back to color? I have tried and having some issues with coloring. As you can see, the girl on the right has some issues with her red sweater and the background has some yellow hue to it. If you could at least fix the shirts to be less purple, that...
  2. S

    Templates to Mockups

    Hi Gents, I've been having quite some trouble getting templates for my shirts onto actual products. Could someone kindly help me out? I think a flat laying t-shirt would be best as if it is on a model, the image will have to be manipulated to form around where the arms fold down...
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    Adding designs to items

    Hi Gurus, I am currently working on getting some marketing media for my startup and would like some help here. I'm trying to get several designs onto t-shirts. There are custom design companies that allow you to place artwork over images like this one: I currently have several designs on...
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    New member needing a file changed

    I have a logo for my foundation that I would like to use to make t shirts to sell to people who not only want to support us but that I can make for events to sell and wear. The file has a white background which makes it impossible to make nice t shirts with. I was wondering if someone can...