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    Shooting fireballs edit

    Hello! I had these photos taken yesterday. Would anyone be able to do this: 1. Crop the bottom of the photo, as I think the feet don't really look good. 2. Make it look like I'm shooting fire / lightning from my hands (or go ahead and use your imagination like shooting water, lasers...
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    My gf

    hey guys I found this sweet picture of my girlfriend, could anyone photoshop lazers shooting out of her eyes?
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    Blotchy areas on gray seamless

    hey guys! been shooting some product work and shot for the first time on gray seamless. I noticed after shooting the seamless looked blotchy/almost pixelated in certain parts. viewing the raw file in both photoshop and lightroom showed the same thing. wondering what the easiest and fastest...
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    How do I improve these Photos?

    I went on a little photo adventure yesterday to take pictures of surrounding things. The idea was mostly to put into focus what I learned recently about adjusting the aperture, shutter speed and exposures to gain images that look good enough IN camera rather than only getting a satisfied...
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    3D novice-advice

    Hello all, Just want to thank everyone in advance for any insight/advice you may be able to give me. I use PS for academic purposes but do not have much experience with the 3D side of things. I am doing some academic work for an upcoming article and am hoping to do a 3D rendering of a...
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    Hi from Melissa

    Hi there, I've been shooting professionally for years, but my deep dark secret is that any joy I derive from shooting is largely overshadowed by my fear/misery of Photoshop. I just don't find it at all intuitive and I struggle mightily with using tutorials to improve my technique. I'm hoping...