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    Fix white shorts from riding up

    Hello, Just wondering if someone could fix the white pair of shorts so they don't look like they are riding up the inner thigh (which they are). Thank you!
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    HI! Please remove the four people....

    Hi, Could you please remove the four people furthest to the right aka ( woman with hat, guy in black shirt, guy in green shirt and the girl in the black top and white shorts) ------------ please do not remove the two girls farthest to the left ( girl in blue shorts and girl in grey top)...
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    Another photoshop request

    Can someone photoshop the picture so the strawberries disappear (replace them with the color of the tank top) and make the denim short shorts into black compression shorts?
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    Simple photoshop request!

    Hello! I am having a but of a nightmare with photoshop at the moment :rolleyes: If someone could help me by photoshopping the chewing gum out of my mouth in this photo I would be very very very grateful! I am the one in the white shorts. Thank you!