1. H

    design an attractive profile photo

    hi I've just come across this photo of a famous person (photo in the attachments) and I want to design mine just like it, can you please lead me to a video that shows how to do this)
  2. S

    Help to design a simple image

    I need a vector image created which represents my hair style. Attachment 1, shows basically what i want the picture to look like. Attachment 2, shows my hairstyle and how you need to make the hair. the pic of my hairstyle is me looking downward, when you create the picture you will have to make...
  3. R

    Need help removing texture from a photo

    I scanned a photo of my daughter and I'm trying to use it for her yearbook, but the texture really shows on the scan. Is this something that can be removed? Thanks for your help. Rich
  4. L

    Tattoo Request

    Thanks alot.
  5. F

    Heavily mottled background in old scan

    Greetings to all! I am new to this forum and in need of advice. I have several old scanned photos which were printed in so-so quality paper. Though they were well kept, it seems the image has decayed and shows mottling in uniformly dark or light areas. Is there any way to address this? I've...
  6. B

    My logos NEED HELP!!!

    Hello, i am trying to create a logo that i can submit to my athletics department.i have never used photoshop but i tinkered around with my drawing on it and did the best i could do to get a pretty good idea of what i want. but i am still not satisfied. i need the following on these logos...
  7. D

    How to get this affect?

    How to get this affect in PS (CS6)? Any one know the process or link to video that shows the way? Many tanks.
  8. T

    Problem with curved text on path CS4

    I did find a post to this but the solution did not help me and it was over a year ago so I did not want to bump an old thread. Here was the post I came across This is exactly what I am dealing with now. The solution in the original thread said make sure the text is not white on white...
  9. C

    background layer copy empty!6177&authkey=!AH9_-qSqUDdp6bs&ithint=file%2cpsd recently I recreated a day to night and added animation which went well. I noted something strange today when going through the layers. Above the background layer is layer 1 which shows a...
  10. pslane

    Layer showing different than my image

    I am doing a tutorial and after making a full page angle gradient, I am told to click Ctrl +Shift+ U to make it monochromatic. This shows on my layer palette but my workspace image did not change. Can you help me solve this? Thanks.. I have screen shots.