1. S

    I need to strech the photo

    Hello!! Could you help me streching the photo on both sides please?! I want to use the photo but it is too square, if possible could it be 16:9. Thank you very much for your help!!
  2. K

    Making 3D Cube with Transparent Layer

    Hi! I'm a total newbie at using 3D tools in Photoshop. I have CS5 Extended v12.0 and I want to create a cube similar to what is shown here but with a transparent honeycomb pattern (see through). I also want to remove the back sides so it a cube with the three front-facing sides that are...
  3. C

    Help needed to fill up the blank space by the sides

    thanks in advance!
  4. Z

    Need help fitting album art into my CD cover.

    Okay, so I have these two pictures that go into an album cover, front and back (along with the two sides of the case), and I only get one shot at printing both of the images (library printer). Here are the two photos: Right. So I imagine since the second image has both sides of the CD as...
  5. A

    help me with this image

    Hi there Guys, please help with this, i just got my cs6 like about a week so i really need help on this. this is the image that i have trouble you can see, in my opinion the clouds that right on the sides esp the right side is..right i wanted to be look like the pic below..i know...
  6. H

    May you help me with this ?

    Hello, I would to get help from you guys, since I'm bad at Photoshop. I'm making a cover for a Facebook group, And I need to insert the girl (Lux) on both sides of the cover, without hiding the rainbow colors . Thank you In advance :)
  7. G

    How to add more space to an image?

    I've been drawing out a map on a texture image and I've run out of room. I need to add more space on all sides. I'm thinking the only way to do this is to duplicate the texture image and add it to all sides, effectively turning 1 square into 9 squares so I can continue on in any direction. I'm...
  8. K

    Print on two sides of paper

    Hello everybody, I'm working on an invatation card. I want to write something at the front and something at the back of the paper. The text in the front is always same. But the back is per couple different. I have no dublex printer so i just flip the page. Is there a manner to align the back of...