1. P

    Need help please! (Marriage proposal pic!)

    Hi everyone, First of all let me just say that I have seen many of your works and just WOW at the things you can do in minutes that would take me weeks! I have proposed to my gf of 10 years a couple of weeks ago and simply want to combine one picture with the other. The pic in question with...
  2. Z

    Voting For Challenge 32

    I've compiled chris's into one entry, simply because there are quite a lot, sorry! get voting guys! entries: Chrisdesign: zeealex Paul: Helios: Gedstar Gedstar #2 if i've missed anyone give me a shout :)
  3. J

    Need Photoshop impasto brush, Smear of chunky paste

    I have been looking for days to see if there's a Photoshop brush set that creates 3d-ish strokes like an artist's palette knife would; rather like a smear of oil pain, clay or anything like that. I've only been with Photoshop for 20-years so you'd think I'd know this but I simply don't. Thanks...
  4. J

    Trouble with Brushes

    Hi I have just bought a new ASUS laptop and installed my Photoshop CS5 on it. All seems to be well except for brushes. For some reason they are simply not showing up. Running Windows 8.1. Any suggestions or advice? cheers
  5. ibclare

    Happy New Year to all and may 2015 surprise us all!

    . . . with the presents of creativity that will ever be gifted to each us of. I hope you all enjoy and make the best of 2015. I don't intend to make any resolutions. They don't mean anything unless you back them up with action. So I simply figure that I have the perseverance and fun to...
  6. S

    better way to do this?

    Hi need to just simply state that am far from a photoshop guru. have recently tried geocaching and quickly stumbled upon this image. What started off as a simply hobby has turned into a photoshop challenge for me. Simply put, in the image is a hidden number. Have tried getting it as clear as...