1. T


    Can someone pls photoshop a good sized musky in this picture
  2. M

    Batch/Action request

    Hello All, I am fairly proficient with PS but this one has me flabbergasted. Here's what I have: I have a MemoryMate (see image) that I made in PS. The "MemoryMate" will be replaced with a LOGO. So, I have team photos (sized 5x7) and individual photos (sized 2.75x3.75) to fit in the...
  3. Bigfish

    Illustrator Working with poster sized documents?

    I'm a novice so please bare with me. I created a film poster sized document. Filled the background with red and attempted to add a grain to it. At that point my laptop began to melt, smoke, wurr and clang for ten minutes before I decided to close Illustrator before I had to call the fire...