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  1. A

    Actions Actions needed to resize to thee different sizes

    Hi all, We are into publishing and each month there are a lot of new magazine releases. Which we have to update in the website accordingly. My colleague was inquiring if we can create an action to crop the magazine covers in required sizes. The problem is, we need three different outputs. One...
  2. S

    Image sizing help

    Hey all! I need a bit of help, I'm brand new to using Photoshop! Basically, I've just started a new job and Tesco's have asked for a certain product image. This isn't a problem I just need to go and photograph it. However, they have asked for the following criteria for their uses; Please...
  3. W

    Sizing what's moved with Move tool

    Hi. New to forum. Have PSC3. Haven't used it in a few years. Want to move palm fronds on to a separate beach image. I can move the image there but the size is way off. How do you adjust the size when it's in the other image? Thanks
  4. C

    Trying to create a 'grid look' photo collage..Having sizing problems!

    Hey All! Hope you guys are well x I'm trying to create an album design that has a grid effect with all the images I have. But I can't figure out how to put specific dimensions on each layer..I've tried the image size option but its not working - do I need to free transform and try to figure...
  5. justaguy

    Image sizing

    First post here, Hello! I'm mocking up a website in PS and have placed a few images I've made on a background to get ideas about placement, etc. How do I determine the size (length / width) of an image that I've transformed to enable me to go back to the original PS file and save the image to...
  6. 4

    On The Fly Precise Brush Sizing

    So maybe everyone knows this but in every tutorial i've ever seen, they all talk about right-clicking the mouse and using the slider to size your brush as being the 'quick' method of accessing brush size if you are using a mouse. The way that I do it is to press and hold the ALT key and then...
  7. S

    Exact sizing of a circle path...

    Wondering how I might create a specific sized circle path by using the ellipse tool. I need to put a path on a dinner plate and would rather not use the pen tool...I try using the ellipse tool and hold down the shift key to get a perfect circle, but it's always trial-and-error to get the exact...