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    Request: Replacing "Huhi" with "Ship"

    Hello everybody, I would appreciate if someone could do me the favor and replace the "Huhi" on this guys shirt with "Ship" in the same style + make his hair brown instead of blond. ^^ I tried to do it myself but atleast the Ship looks pretty bad because I dont know how to do it/I'm not skilled...
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    Photoshop the Text out of this Picture

    Can Someone Photoshop the Text out of this Picture Please Hi! I need some help with this photo. It would be great if someone could remove all the text from it, leaving just the picture. I tried (and failed miserably), so I was hoping someone actually skilled could help me, haha! So please and...
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    Please help photoshop

    Hi! Do u people think u can photoshop this little guy to orange and yellow? Please dont make it to cheesey lol. thx! :)
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    Looking for skilled Gurus

    - Never mind.