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  1. D

    Forum signature

    Wondering if anyone could create me a moving forum signature. Make it grey background with red writing All it needs to say on one slide is Anubis and underneath that The Golden Jackal then on the next slide put - Buyer - Seller - Middleman that's all! And please make an avatar with the letter A...
  2. L

    Simulation of film contrast, brightness, and color masking in Photoshop

    Many years ago I came across a way of improving certain colour slides and I am wondering if it would be possible to replicate this procedure using Photoshop. The method required making a negative copy of the slide using orthochromatic film and then sandwiching slide and negative together. I...
  3. A

    Hello, this forum looks high potential

    Hello, I have to do minor work in Photoshop for a slide show, and this forum looks quite promising ..
  4. B

    Funeral pic

    I know that I should add the picture straight here but I'm on my phone so this was the best I could do My friend past away and I was making a slide show I was trying to make it look like we was holding up 3 fingers. If anyone could help with that It would be much...
  5. D

    Gradient over image

    Hello! I am brand spanking new here and a novice at Photoshop, but learning. I have something I am trying to mimic and I was hoping to get some help. I have been trying everything that I know and it of course is a failure. I was hoping that someone could explain to me how to accomplish this task...