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  1. Pipsmom

    Old slides to photos

    I have a odd question and frankly need a photographer to tell me how this could be done. I have been offered additional old pictures to be practice on and be restored but they are slides. He's in US and I'm in UK What does he need to do to get the slides onto his computer so he can email them to...
  2. E

    Enhancing old 35mm Slide scans

    I have just purchased an Epson Film Scanner and am currently trying to scan some old 35mm Slides, I am pleased with the results, but would like to use PS to enhance them, the scans often come out (as the original slides do) with a blue cast, and not much "vibrance" for want of a better...
  3. E

    noise reduction when scanning old slides - help

    scanning some old slides into my PC and the colour ones appear to have a speckled effect when put through the basic AUTO mode in PS Effects. is there a filter I can apply or a basic function I could use to make this at least a little bit better, obviousley its a blurred shot, but it would be...