1. B

    Requesting help with changing a frown to a smile

    I look pretty angry in this photo but I still like it of me, so if it's possible to change my expression to a teeth-smile or at least just a closed-mouth smile, that would be great. Also, not sure if I'm embedding this correctly but if not I'll provide a link as well. Thanks in advance...
  2. W

    Make me smile in the photo

    OK. I know it's a bit of an odd request, but I'm hoping someone here could help me make my portrait better? I look too serious/innocent/creepy in the picture so I'd like it if you can photoshop my smile? Also, please make my white top a little less baggy. thanks
  3. R

    my baby doesnt smile!

    We went for a recent family photoshoot and my daughter just would not smile during the family photos!! I have a couple of her from the shoot where she Is smiling but I was wondering if anyone could please please alter the photos so I have one with her smiling too! Thank you to anyone who has a...
  4. N

    Make me smile

    I'm too serious in this pic, can someone try to make my lips look happier please
  5. P

    Add Smile to my Dog

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone would be able to add a human-like smile to my dog? A year or two ago I had a similar request, and this was the awesome job that someone did for me (for reference). Thank you in advance!
  6. D

    Make my daughter smile please

    Recently we had a family photoshooting but we were unable to make my daughter smile on any group photo. It would be very nice if you could somehow copy the smile from IMG6065 in her face in IMG6030. If you need more pictures from the photoshoot from which you might be able to get a better...
  7. A

    Friend need's Help

    Please help my friend looks miserable being forced to wear his Leeds UTD shirt, please help me to make him smile again.
  8. A

    How to make smile mouth

    Hi How can I make a smile mouth in my icon? (like in second photo) Thanks!