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    Wedding photo

    Hi, my husband and I will be celebrating 14 year anniversary and looking back every wedding picture we have is horrible. I'm either looking the other way, hes not smiling, I'm looking closed eye, he's smiling... etc. I found a pic where I the bride look decent and him the groom look decent. Is...
  2. D

    Photoshop Request 5.19.17

    Good afternoon! Was jus curios if you can switch the girl on the right smiling with teeth, with the same girl smiling with out her teeth in the other photo. It's taken in a dim light setting so I understand if it's too hard to do. Much appreciated if anyone could try. Health&happiness, Deana
  3. G

    Of two make one :(

    Hey guys! I have two fotos... on the one the left 3 ppl look good and on the other the two right once are sharper. If there would be a hero who could combine those so i have two smiling on the left and the other two in sharp on the right? :( I'd be forever grateful <3
  4. L

    Photoshop Help: Stop him from smiling

    Hello, could someone make it so Ronaldo isn't smiling or showing his teeth in this picture please?
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    my baby doesnt smile!

    We went for a recent family photoshoot and my daughter just would not smile during the family photos!! I have a couple of her from the shoot where she Is smiling but I was wondering if anyone could please please alter the photos so I have one with her smiling too! Thank you to anyone who has a...