1. R

    Photoshop Request to look like portrait

    Hi, I'd just like to get this photo edited to where teeth are slightly whiter, face is smoother, and just any enhancement to make the picture look like a professional portrait. Thanks!
  2. D

    Help with a logo :)

    Good evening friends im new here. Ive peeked into some threads and you guys do amazing work so i think I found the right place to ask for help. I made this logo a month ago, the image looks fine from far away but once its put into full screen mode you can see the imperfections. Ive destroyed the...
  3. P

    Illustrator make lines smoother

    Hi guys, I am really really new in illustrator so here isthe thing. I was researching it but I didn't get the answer so if you help me please. I am trying to make a logo and it is a basic text logo. The Capital letter 'M' font Android and i notices that the lines (or curves) are kinda pixeled. I...
  4. admin

    Forum Software Update/Maintenance April 18, 2015 [Completed]

    We will be performing a forum software update this evening and will have about an hour of downtime. This update addresses number of bugs in vBulletin and should result in a smoother running forum. I'll let everyone know when the update is completed.