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    Creating reflections??

    I'm just wondering if someone could explain to me how to make a reflection accurate? I stupidly thought just flipping it would somehow work but obviously not :) More specifically, I'm trying to add a new bottle to this image but obviously isnt working so far.
  2. A

    Getting ridges on lines. Not sure why.

    So after my last thing about grids/guides, I managed to complete what I was doing. After completing it, I noticed some lines were not straight, sharp. I'm using CS3 and those boxes were created, specifically those lines, via stroke in blending options. I used a shape tool to make the square...
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    Anybody have any Idea of how to get this effect?

    Hey so I came across this image, and I thought it was a cool effect. Being inexperienced in photoshop it has me pretty stumped as to how they got this effect. The glossy effect on the faces is specifically what I am looking at. Not only that but the colour change as well. I was wondering If...
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    Anyone Know What Causes this Distortion?

    Not a Photoshop question, but hopefully someone can help me. In the screen-shot below, there is a large green area that is actually supposed to be a normal-looking video advertisement. But as you can see it is all distorted, over-saturated and the lettering is unreadable. I get this kind of...
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    Issue with layering I am having (Specifically for removing hair)

    Hey everyone, I just recently got Photo Shop and have had a great time using it, big step up from what I was using. I am very excited with the layering tools and especially to be able to remove hair so cleanly from backgrounds. Now, when using an image with a flat color background I can do...