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  1. D

    how to speed up my pc

    What items do i need to purchase to speed up my pc in order to work with bigger images such as full raw files without it lagging??? here are the specs on my PC
  2. AddiTech89

    Gurus & Gurettes Can someone answer a Question

    Hey happy late thanksgiving everyone:thumbsup:, im new to the forums here also. I was wondering if my system can run the new photoshop because im running laptop & i know they dont perform as well as desktops on applications that use alot of processes to run so here are most my specs that i...
  3. M

    Best PC specs

    Hey guys, firstly I am not sure if I am posting this in the right section of the forum, if I am not then please pardon me. Ok so I want to get a fresh PC for doing my graphic designing work. But I am not sure as what specs to look for it what will be best for me. I use both illustrator and...