1. F

    New Project for me, A New Challenge for you.

    Good Time of the Day to all the Photoshop Magicians and Muggles. I have come up with a little project for myself. Since i was a little kid, I've always wanted to build a Computer from scratch. Now that i have a job and ample time to spend on a project, i decided it is time. Yet i don't want it...
  2. dv8_fx

    Studio Ghibli's Animation Software - TOONZ - Free Release

    For those of you interested in Anime and Animation, Studio Ghibli is releasing its open-sourced edition of TOONZ PREMIUM on March 26, 2016. Toonz Premium enables you to create theater quality animation. You can now draw, Ink, Paint, Edit, Composite and Animate your scenes in your computer...
  3. M

    Hello Hello

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone and give a little background/pick your brains...I currently work for a pipeline company but previously worked in a position that required I use photoshop for simple marketing objects. Im interested in purchasing photoshop for personal use for my youtube...
  4. D

    please help.

    I am not a computer person. I spend more time outside than I do inside. If I could please ask for someone's help with a photoshoping task I would much appreciate it. What I need is for photo #1 to have my head replaced with the head from photo #2. Thank you very much!!