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    Can some one edit out the guy so that she is standing there alone?

    Hello, i was wondering if some one could help me out. my best friend recently passed away in a car accident. and i really like this picture of her with the background and that dress. and me and her mother really pitty the fact that we don't have a picture of her standing alone. so i hope u guys...
  2. B

    *Need people removed from photo*

    Hi all, Was hoping somebody could remove the two people standing on the far right of the image? Thanks
  3. T

    Correct Proportions and Prespective in a simple composite photo?

    Hi, I'm new here, so hello :) I would like some help...I'm trying to create a simple composite photo where a woman is standing in a hotel room, facing the viewer. It is supposed to appear as if the viewer is standing in the room with her, facing her, like in first person view. I'm having...
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    How can I make th ground look like grass?

    Help with wedding picture please! We really like these pics, but she is standing on dirt! Can it be done? I'm not very good with this kind off stuff. Thanks.