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    Student need a helping hand for a logo project

    Hi guys! Im happy to see a community that can help people in difficulty like me. Let me write you what my problem is about first. You can call me Sim or Simon, Im 22 yo, Im myself a technical nurse and I have decided recently to perfect myself in a University program called Nursing Science. I...
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    Hey I'm jack from london !!!!!

    hi all im a video editor and also a student in technical theatre thanks jack
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    Hello from a Uni student in cloudy and cold England!

    Hi, I'm Simona... a Digital Arts student in a UK University. :wave: I already have a question on how a certain effect has been created on a few images. I guess I'll have to create a new thread with that question since this is only for an introduction right? Thanks! Hope everybody is having a...
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    Totally New to all this - And totally lost!

    Hiya, This is actually my first forum join and up until now I've not got a vast experience of..well most things technology to be honest! I'm a (mature - but not too mature!) photography student, and have thus far been doing everything the good old fashioned way. However, recently going back...