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    Can anyone begin to quantify what makes the difference between these two sets of photos in terms of post (obviously the second grouping is being lit with a much bigger source). Thanks to the forum I learned that there is some matte effect going on with the tone curve in the latter pair, but it...
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    Microsoft Windows patch has altered the look of Photoshop

    Yesterday, I received what I thought was one of Microsoft’s normal, periodic patch updates containing the latest security and anti-virus fixes. I let it run and after I re-booted I noticed subtle cosmetic changes to my desktop—slightly altered colors, borders, spacing, etc. Annoying, but no big...
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    Subtle noisy halftone pattern

    Hey again guys! Just wondering if anyone could advise here. Been mucking around with halftones today, saw this image posted somewhere previously with the author claiming it was a halftone. From my understanding the halftone patterns look more "honeycomby", made up of lots of gridded dots - this...