1. J

    Specific Replace Seth Meyer's head with the head of my school's mascot

    Hi all, Can someone rotate the head of the panther so that it is looking straight and switch the two heads it so it looks like Seth's head is the panther head instead? Thanks!!
  2. D

    Specific Spoon swap

    My sister recently passed away. This is the last picture she took on my phone, can you photoshop the pen for a spoon so I can give it to my parents without putting a bad impression?
  3. V

    Simple background swap

    Went from Northern California to Australia.
  4. L

    Remove Thumb

    Any help to remove the thumb from this picture would be great. Many thanks! <3
  5. D

    Face swap and match colours - May to Galadriel

    Finding it very difficult to swap these faces and blend them together. Would really appreciate some help. Found a few ok picture I was messing around with. Think it needs a more professional hand. Basically I want Mays face on dark queen Galadriel.
  6. F

    Face swap between Human and not human

    Hello guys. I`m new here. I would like a tutorial or something like that explaining how to make a good face swap between human and not human (i.e. human and Hulk or a dog). I can do very well between human and human using auto-blend, but I can`t do that with not humans. I`m using Photoshop CC...
  7. J

    Newbie need turtorial how to swap face into a gif pic

    How to swap face into this gif, I need a tutorial , thank you in advance.
  8. H

    Need help with face swap

    hey everyone, anyone able to help me with a face swap for 2 pics? would be very appreciate if someone can help me out with this simple job. Thanks! request: swapping the B face to the A face. I just want the one with pink. And please edit the body skin colour as I notice it is not matching...
  9. S

    Please help. Family photo

    Please can you help. Had family photo done of my son and his cousins. Got two photos but can't use either. Was wondering if anyone could swap bits round in them to make one amazing photo.
  10. Matt8444

    A quick head swap

    Hello, The family picture my eldest son isn't really engaging with the camera (I've no idea why it's been uploaded upside down :question:) If anyone can help me I'm just after a simple head swap with the second picture I've uploaded. Any help much appreciated Kind Regards :thumbsup:
  11. K

    how do people make these edits?

    I was wondering how people make all these anime and bape crossovers for example this one: I want to know how its done. If you can please tell me how they make it look so natural. I want to put this shirt on to the guy below if you can please explain to me how its done and how people do it...
  12. X

    Swap person in photo

    Hi, Photo AA shows my eldest daughter sitting on top of a statue. Photos BB (1 to 4) show my youngest daughter in a similar pose sitting on top of a wall. Using the most appropriate one swap my youngest daughter with my eldest one. Much appreciated if anyone can help.
  13. J

    Layeres Image Question

    When working with an existing Photoshop document consisting of multiple layers, how do I change/replace one of the layer's images without altering the layer's other properties? Just trying to swap out the layer's existing image with another image which I have saved as a jpeg file on a flash...
  14. ZeroCool22

    My first photomanipulation...

    Like i said it's my 1st photomanipulation and i hope, the "Pro's" of the forum help me to notice errors and help me to improve on my skills overtime. I use PS since some time, but for swap faces mostly and for fun, never did a photomanipulation with various elements before. Before: After:
  15. L

    car logo swap

    hey, i really like this logo but id like it more with a different car. if someone could swap it with a bugatti chiron or ferrari f50 i would really appreciate it. also improving the quality is greatly appreciated. thank you so much in advance!
  16. M

    Color swap on difficult piece

    Hi there. I have a photo of a linen top, where the coloring of the piece is a gradient running from the top to the bottom. I would like to take the "non-white" color and swap it with another while maintaining an authentic look. I've tried my typical methods of swapping colors, but I've never...
  17. C

    need a head swap in a photo.

    looking for someone to take a picture with 2 people in it, and swap one of the heads with another head from another photo. Happy to pay a reasonable amount via paypal, im in the uk, so payment in £ or converted to what ever currency is good for you (im sure paypal will convert it accordingly) I...
  18. Burned Ice

    Galaxis - swap

    I had some kind of experiment where i tried to do some hardcore, which was fun but also not very 'hardcore' at last, some of you might not be able to appreciate this kind of music but I had fun making this and i wanted to share this to you guys and get some respond. So I present: pseudo...