1. C

    Hotkey switch to fade without stopping a line

    Is there a way to draw a line and part way through it, switch to fade it out to a point? Fade works fine for this, but stopping the line to switch to fade and then continuing the line is a real nuisance. I'd like to be able to hit a shortcut key and have the line fade from there on so I don't...
  2. TripleYoThreat

    Keyboard Shortcut to Switch Between "Add To Selection" and "Subtract From Selection"?

    Hi, how are you today? Hope you're doing well. As the title reads, I'm looking for a keyboard shortcut to switch between these. It would speed up my background removal process greatly. Thanks in advance!!
  3. P

    Changing letter

    Okay so i made this image for a profile pic an i got 2 letters mixed up can someone please help me switch this around The P [r] [e] serving needs to be Perserving
  4. K

    how do people make these edits?

    I was wondering how people make all these anime and bape crossovers for example this one: I want to know how its done. If you can please tell me how they make it look so natural. I want to put this shirt on to the guy below if you can please explain to me how its done and how people do it...
  5. N

    Switch 2 colours of an image

    Good evening, I am trying to switch 2 colours of the image below: The green colour should be black (#000000). The yellow colour should be green (#21b04a). I tried to do this myself, but I got this pretty ugly result: Btw, only the stripes should change and not the Sun etc. The result is...
  6. SeniorS

    Is there a way to switch off "Thanks" button?

    I'm instresting in that option, is that even posible? And maybe "like" button too. But mostly i search for that "Thanks" option. Didn't find it in settings but maybe i miss something. Why i want to switch it off? Good question :) That's just my personal issue i quess. I feel greedy or...