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  1. Rufkraft

    Thoughts on Tablets

    Greetings All, I have been toying with the idea of getting a new tablet to augment my work space. I currently am working on an Intuos but the draw of the visual drawing area is calling my name. Then i realized i needed to research before dropping, in some cases, an insane amount of money! My...
  2. I

    Best use of Wacom tablets?

    I had these tablets and I have had students use them in Photoshop projects but they seem awkward compared to using a mouse. I understand these tools are primarily for drawing. Can they have any use in Photoshop in specific applications?
  3. Z

    Huion H610 Pro or 1060Pro+?

    Hey PSgurus and People of the like! As it's recently occurred to me that I need a graphics tablet, so I looked around and was going to go for a Wacom bamboo, but I stumbled across Huion, which do 10x6.25" tablets for the same price as a 5.8" Bamboo tablet. A good active surface would be good...
  4. Mogsy

    Graphics tablets part II - This time its personal...

    Hope this is in the right place Right - Problem - I have just been having problems using my tablet, on the logon screen of my computer the tablet works fine, then when I have logged in I try to use my tablet but in one USB port it doesn't work at all and in the other USB port it works but only...
  5. Mogsy

    Graphic tablets

    Hello All, although I have finally updated my PS to CS5 I'm still stuck in the dark ages using a mouse - As I'm getting more into PS and (hopefully) improving I've realised that to unleash its full potential I need a graphics tablet - Not to mention my aching arms / wrist from using a mouse...