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  1. Eggy

    3D Blender - 70s Cassette Tape Player

    My latest one Feel free to comment...
  2. O

    Star Wars - Chewbacca Logo Image edit

    I'm hoping to make a "Wookiee Tape" Logo for a convention coming up. I would love to have Chewbacca's face on the logo and for it to say "Wookiee Tape" and not "Gorilla Tape". I would be happy to send you one of the pins I create if you can help me out! Thanks so much.
  3. R

    Masking for Transparency and Creating Depth

    I've been using Photoshop off and on for years, but up to this point have been basically self-taught so there is a lot of stuff I'm unfamiliar with. I'm currently working on this image, and am running into some problems that I'm not completely sure how to solve. I'm trying to make the cassette...
  4. L

    Need help in removing tape marks.

    Hello! Can someone help me with this old black&white photo. It has tape marks, I do not know how to remove them. I have attached a copy of the photo. Please let me know how you would clean the photo up.:question: