1. J

    Hey I'm jack from london !!!!!

    hi all im a video editor and also a student in technical theatre thanks jack
  2. Q

    Technical drawings

    Can someone help on how to draw something like this? It's a technical drawing of a latex plastic band. I looked hard and couldn't find a good YouTube video on this. Any help to get me started would be great!
  3. B

    I am getting nowhere fast! I need a little help with Logo ideas.

    I have been tasked(volunteered) with creating a logo design for a technical group in the Northwest. The name is solid but am so new to the creative arena Ive been going in circles with ideas for a month, as well as expressing them in PS. CS6 I have the whole cc suite The business card design...
  4. L

    Help, my serial number was hijacked, and technical support won't help me!

    My CS2 is malfunctioning. I used neon glow last night and it worked fine, but now when I try to use it I can't change the color