1. F

    We have a winner!

    Our local internet newspaper ran a little contest on holiday photography. Most people sent in photo's from exotic places, I chose a little landscape I found on a beautiful walk with my dogs. So one day, I got a nice mail, telling me I had won a prize. The prize is a stone grill diner for two...
  2. Tom Mann

    Probably the most satisfying photo I have ever taken. Guess why.

    I've taken hundreds of thousands of pix in my life, but this one was one of THE most satisfying shots I have ever taken. It's far from being high quality or telling a story, but damn, it sure was satisfying. :beerchug:. Anyone want to guess why? ;-) Tom M
  3. A

    Can't reinstall Painter 2015 x64

    When I tried to start Painter 2015x64, I got an error message telling me to reinstall from the original source. When I tried that, I got a message telling me the previous installation was corrupt. So I tried to uninstall the old installation through Control Panel, and got the same message, so...