1. M

    Tragic Wedding mistake PLEASE HELP!

    Hello! So I just shot a wedding a couple days ago and was super exited to get the send off shot! but tragically in all the chaos my speedlight refused to fire behind the couple leaving a frankly terrible photo. I have been super upset about this ever since and thought: " Hey, maybe the power of...
  2. N

    resolution / blow up help

    hey guys trying to get this image printed out to about 1600mm in length and proportioned high, i know the image is terrible but would it be possible to be able to read it pretty clearly?
  3. N

    Hair on white background looks horrible :(

    I don't even know how to describe it, but a lot of times when I take a backlit photo the edges get a bit weird and it looks terrible :( Does anyone know what could be done to fix this in photoshop?
  4. A

    Help with swaping faces

    Hi everyone, Could you please swap my friends face with the man in a suit doing a peace sign. I uplaoded a few photos because some of them are LQ. I'm terrible at photoshop so thanks in advance :) http://imgur.com/a/rtUSl
  5. Sergio Hegner

    Any help with removing the background?

    Hi friends, I'm stubborn and even knowing that this is not a good background to extract I wonder what I"m doing wrong for getting this terrible selection with the new "refine and mask" tool. How do I clean those white/gray blemishes ?? Is this a Photoshop bug?? Yes, if i use the brush tool I...
  6. T

    help needed for a little 50th present

    hi all ok here is what i am after if anyone can do it , i have tried and it looks terrible my brother is a huge elvis fan and i am trying to photoshop them together but i am terrible at th moment i would be very grateful if someone would give this a go for me i have uploaded a picture of my...
  7. C

    Help with gif file size please!!

    Hey can someone help me resize this gif to fit 100kB? I've tried to optimize it, but the quality is super terrible. I feel like I'm not doing it right haha Any help would be extremely appreciated. (:
  8. G

    Please help with logo!

    Hi, I have an image of a new logo I have created but the edges are tacky and blurred. So when I want to print this logo on a big poster the logo will look terrible. Can anyone please smooth the edges and make it neat and tidy are remake the logo? Thank You
  9. B

    Im Terrible With Cropping Out I Need Some Help...

    Can Someone Crop Out Like Three Pictures For Me And Make Them PSDs....PLEASE