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  1. C

    Paid Logo Optimization for Charity event ($20)

    Hello Everyone, This logo is very blurry and I need to have it cleared up for printing needs. We will be gifting shirts and masks to our guest but it appears blurry when printing & zooming in. I need this done by 3pm today (earlier if possible). Payment can be sent through PayPal, Zelle, or...
  2. T

    Hi from Australia!

    Hi, My names Ethan and I'm from Australia. I would really appreciate your help with my photo's. ☺ THANKYOU
  3. C

    A request (should be easy)

    Hey i am horrible at photoshop and anything like it, i need someone to edit my photo and change my smle into lips, so it appears i am not smiling. [no teeth showing] The photo: i would appreciate it if my lips looked as close to mine as possible, this picture is the only one i own that i am...
  4. Hoogle

    A big thankyou to all you Gurus

    I put up some old childhood photos that were very bad quality and asked for some takes on restoring the pictures. I was overwhelmed by the response of you guys. I took the thread of public view as to I did not want to waste peoples time on editing pics for me after we closed the thread due to...