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    Automatically make image tiled across page

    Hi guys, Hope you are all well. I am wanting to create a document where the user can add an image into a psd and it will automatically be tiled across the page. I have used a psd before that applied lots of rules to any image and i was hoping this would be possible in my case. I hope this...
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    need help in making tiled posters !

    Greetings I would like to make tiled poster as shown in the image below is there any poster making software for windows or how can this be done in Photoshop Kindly assist
  3. K

    paint bucket pattern??

    How can you stop this from going into a tiled effect? I was wanting a picture to spread across the area but it always goes into tiled effect
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    Poster/tile Printing

    Hi All, I'm trying to print a large file (PSB saved as PDF) that Acrobat doesn't support or recognize (even optimized) when I try to print tiled. Just get "There are no pages to print". Being that I'd like to avoid this problem and also not sacrifice quality (does the reformat do so?) I'd like...
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    How To Draw tiled Textures!?

    Hi, I'm working on a Ground Texture. But I cant find a way to creat Brushes to draw Textures without losing there Color. I just want to Draw a tiled texture.. oo' it realy makes me crazy ~~ Please Help ;_(