1. A

    (Photomanipulation) When the tv Stores Close!!XD

    I wanted to do it with all the tv's but i got tired! :biglaff: Cheers!
  2. agentmoeller

    The Joker

    I'm still considering this a WIP, as I am not happy with the background, but way too tired to fix it right now. Any suggestions? Agent
  3. Tom Mann

    Blizzard Jonas cripples mid-Atlantic states in the USA

    Well, it's over, and we are all fine. The snow finally stopped about 9 PM last night (Saturday). It's now a bit after sunrise on Sunday morning, and we haven't yet ventured outside to start to dig out, but I've received several emails and messages asking how we were, so I thought I would...
  4. N

    Creating Hourglass for photography project

    Hay i am truing to make an hourglass so i can edit an model in it But i am getting an tad stuck with it, Could any one suggest, guides or anything. I tired to take an photo of an glass make and duplicate and flip the image, but i cant see how to make the curves to make the shape. Thanks in...
  5. E

    [How to Make Hipster Rapunzel?]

    how to make hipster rapunzel I've seen them all over the net and wanna to know how to make one myself here is a en example of one I've tired doing it but I've failed if anyone can help me that would be great