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    selection of imported image that I cannot transform

    Hi, I imported an image in a layer. Afterwards, I select the image with the quick selection tool and when I want to edit -> trace transform -> perspective, I have a pop up that says "Impossible to transform the trace because the selected trace doesn't contain any pixel". I have no idea how to...
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    Is there a way to fix and enlarge pixelated outline

    Hi guys, I found an old drawing on my hard disk, and I want to use it for a project. The problem is that image is with small resolution and when I zoom it it is pixelated. It is simple line drawing with no colors. Is there a way to scale it without loosing quality. I tried to trace it with...
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    Illustrator Help converting seamless texture to vector

    I have a seamless texture that was created in photoshop and I need it converted to vector. Tried live trace and the edges do not stay exactly square. The trace looks fine but since the edges are not perfect its not seamless. Is there a way to live trace and retain the exact square outline? Any...
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    Transforming a drawing to a Photoshop picture

    Well the title pretty much says it all. I am not "new" to Photoshop but I am very much un experienced with it. was wondering how to make this picture on photoshop, do I trace it? or do I just free draw while looking at? and how do I go about doing it. like what tool do I use and how do i use...
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    Illustrator How do I import Image Trace presets from CS5 to Illustrator CC?

    I know how to safe and export Live Trace presets from Illustrator CS5 ( In a few days I´ll upgrade to the newest CC Illustrator, but I cannot find information on how to import the tracing presets I saved on my desktop, to the newest Ai CC. Is it not...
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    Pen Tool Tracing Help

    When I try to trace an image with the pen tool, the tool will auto fill in my design. I cannot get the pen tool to trace only. How do I turn off the option to auto fill? Please see attached for an example. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    Illustrator Newbie Problem Cutting Shapes from Traced Images

    Ok so I am just starting out with Illustrator and until I know how to make vectors from scratch I've been making due with the 'Image Trace' option for my logos. I do run into a problem though. If something within the image needs to be cut out to show as a transparency, just deleting the vector...