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  1. M

    Outlining Text

    Hi! I am trying to create a decal for my motorcycle using the Beyond font from I have the foreground numbers (00), but I need to make the background now which should be a solid outline of the zeros. I don't know how to trace the object, let alone scale it to be slightly larger, and...
  2. R

    Trying to make a poster

    I'm new to photoshop and I'm trying to make a poster. I know what I want but I don't know if there is any easier way than what I'm doing (Tracing the streets onto a new layer which is taking forever). Basically what I'm trying to do is take a PDF View of City streets and remove all the street...
  3. X

    Need Help tracing a photo of my dad + sister

    I'm looking for help tracing this photo of my dad and sister. I'm looking to have just a simple black and white so it looks kind of like my fail but with some better detail and no back round. I'm looking to have a T-shirt made for my dads 60th. Thank you in advance!
  4. IamSam

    Digital Painting: A Black and White Study

    Recently Hoogle posted a link to Picarto.TV. I have spent an unusual amount of time watching other very talented artists paint. I have painted my entire life and it wasn't until a great friend of mine went from traditional paintbrushes and airbrushes over to the "sinful" Photoshop, did I ever...