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tshirts design

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    Distressing t-shirt How to subtract texture from t-shirt design for print

    Help Please! I Cant figure this out. I have a PNG design for a t-shirt that I want to distress. I have a distressed texture file(just the texture no background). How do I subtract the texture from the design so there are like holes in it basically not just distressed ontop of it with color...
  2. C

    Paid $50 PayPal Need edit adding Phasing/Blur Effect to Streetwear Design

    Hello all, $50 PayPal - [Calling all Photoshop Gurus! Need help adding Phasing/Blur Effect to almost completed Streetwear Design] I am looking to hire an artist/graphic designer, that's good with photoshop/illustrator, to add an aesthetic effect (a sort of phasing/motion blur) to a graphic I...
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    need a halloween tshirt design

    hi guys am in urgent need of a halloween tshirt design.. it should be about Ariana Grande.. am a huge Arianator and i have a fanpage with 38k followers and alot requested for it... i'll even pay if its good enough.. check out the one i did on the attachment
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    T shirt design needed

    Hey there guys..Im really desperate to get some great designer who will understand what I request...tried everywhere freelancer, upwork, some of the t shirt design forums...designers claiming 10-15 years of the field and after I saw the sample work..well....:banghead: Im looking for...