1. S

    help needed for xmas prints

    hello all, I am on here to hopefully receive some edits before turning some images into xmas present prints and canvases. thanks!
  2. G

    What are the most innovative designs accompanying quotes you ever seen?

    Hey guys, First of all, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Georgi, 22 and editing photos has been my passion since I can remember. But recently I picked it on more than ever because that's part of my job right now. I'm a moderator of a...
  3. H

    Help! old xerox print effect

    I would like to add an effect to some of my projects I'm currently working on in photoshop but I have no idea how. The effect I'm looking for is the effect you would see on an old CD cover. Everything is grainy and somewhat green and pixelated. This may or may not be a multiple step effect I do...
  4. gedstar

    Compositing in Photoshop

    Just found this post, thought it might be useful for people here, although I don't recommend turning on the volume to watch the video unless you like weird music :) https://forums.adobe.com/message/7531144#7531144
  5. Rufkraft

    Turning a rectangular stripe into a circle?

    Hello Everyone! I have been having a difficult time turning a rectangular strip into a semicircle to make a seamless whole. So far I have used a circle as a guide and warped & puppet warped the strip. My results have been less than satisfactory. I was wondering if there is a better...
  6. B

    Turning a Image Sequence into Frame animation?

    Whenever I import a image sequence into ps, I convert it into a frame animatin but the problem is it only shows as one frame, anyway to have all the frames out on the animation tab? Here is a example This is happening: But I want this: