1. Paul

    Making hair POP or give realistic colour change

    Great tut you can work on in real time.
  2. H

    Moving Hair Like a Saiyan *.*

    Hello, I really like this pic a friend of mine made this for me it's like a saiyan :lol: I just want to ask if its possible to make its hair move :cheesygrin: If its hard maybe you can giff me a tut on how to do that, im new in photoshop i would really appreciate your help
  3. pslane

    Same tutorial, different proble with mask

    Hello again. Looking at the screen shot, please tell me how to get the render/clouds on the layer mask as the tut directions say. I've never seen it done like that. Thank you again.
  4. Burned Ice

    Youtube channel graphic edit tut?

    i'd like to 'pimp' my youtube page to make it more attractive (like hoogle's :D) can someone post a link to nice tutorials?