1. I

    Photoshop Alignment Tool Basic Tutorial

    Hello, this is my basic tutorial for Adobe Photoshop's Aligment tool, I hope you will understand it. The alignment panel is crucial for perfect layer alignment.
  2. F

    Image appears smaller in Photoshop than in Mac Preview

    My first post and probably a stupid question but I just can't understand this: Why do my photos look a lot smaller at 100 % zoom in Photoshop than on the web or Mac preview? When I check the image size and DPI they are exactly the same (for example 1500x1000 pixels, 72 DPI). Please help me...
  3. D

    Greetings from Brit'Ney

    Hi, I'm sort of new to this Forum although I have been here before under a Pseudonym which I've long forgotten under which it was suggested that myself and ibclare should "get a room". As it's so long ago and I can barely remember why I've entered a room never mind what my log in details were I...
  4. D

    Photoshop Request 5.19.17

    Good afternoon! Was jus curios if you can switch the girl on the right smiling with teeth, with the same girl smiling with out her teeth in the other photo. It's taken in a dim light setting so I understand if it's too hard to do. Much appreciated if anyone could try. Health&happiness, Deana
  5. R

    Which tools to use?

    Hello This is my first post so I hope it's in the correct forum as I'm looking for advice as to how I make changes to this image vs. having someone just do the work for me. I would like to understand what the best technique is to changing the background being the letter 'ART CH' to match the...
  6. G

    flag Request

    Hello guys, can u help me to create a flag like this? But i need a Black and White flags with another logos (animals dragon etc. or a new abstract logo) its for a empires in a video game if you just can make 1 its ok :) i hope you understand me guys greetings
  7. C

    (Request) could someone clean this up for me?

    Hello, could someone clean this up for me? And if possible make it look like a basic cartoon! If not I understand. http://imgur.com/a/0h78i
  8. A

    Seamless pattern help

    Hi all, I have been using PS for around 10 - 15 years, so I know my way around a little, but not a pro. I have a problem which I hope I can describe in such a way that is easy to understand. OK, I have a job to do where I need to design hydro graphic film. I need to design a tile with a complex...
  9. Silmarwen

    Hello from Denmark

    Hi, I'm Elisabeth from Denmark. I'm new at Photoshop and I'm happy to have found this forum to hopefully get some help with some of the things that I don't understand yet. And I'm looking forward to learning a lot about this fantastic software!:)
  10. A

    Nice to meet you all

    Hi, Why am I here? I'm in search of people who can understand & answer my questions concerning CS5. Read: patience & an eternal smile :) Cheers
  11. Zain Khan

    Can Anyone explain which font is it?

    I am looking to understand which type of font is it, or is there any font matching to this that you can refer me to? Please help me, I really need Help :/
  12. M

    black and white using luminosity masks

    hi I was wanting to see if someone can help me with creating luminosity masks, I understand they are quite difficult to learn or understand? any advice tips or tutorials would be great thanks
  13. J

    2 effects I don't know how to make

    Hello there! Could you please help me to understand how should I make this 2 kind of effects: The first image background effect without "your logo" thing. This is some kind of brush, right... Where can I get one of this like(for free if possible :) ) The second image effect is alike the...
  14. P


    Just to say hi! :-) I hope to get a better understanding of the Photoshop challenges and hopefully, teach other people too as soon as I get to understand it.
  15. T

    Have I misunderstood digital colors?

    I'm trying to understand things like saturation and vibrance, and have found that I need to improve my understanding of digital colors. (Lets stick to RGB and 8 bits) I have just read, about Prophoto RGB, that it contains colors the human eye cannot see. I know there are several million...
  16. N

    Need help find background for advertice my old car.

    I am going to sell my car and I will make good photos of the car. I need backgrounds to put the car in. Hope you understand.
  17. L

    Help with fading, thanks

    Hi, Having a slight problem getting a equal fade. Img>fade transparently into the background. Was easy enough to do doing it on a straight edge but have had some difficulty getting a equal fade on the angular part of the picture to be all equal. Not sure if I have done the best at explaing this...