1. I

    Loading Photoshop versions

    I have design standard 5.5 loaded on my laptop. What happens if I don't uninstall it and load cs6?
  2. M

    Can't uninstall Advanced SystemCare Free

    I can't uninstall Advanced SystemCare Free from my Windows 7. I try to reboot my computer in Safe Mode and follow the manual steps to step by step uninstall this program but I failed. Someone can recommend an effective way to permanently uninstall the software from my computer? Please help!!!
  3. gedstar

    After Effects QuickTime for Windows

    Time to uninstall QuickTime for Windows Read more here http://www.ghacks.net/2016/04/15/uninstall-quicktime-for-windows/ So what's Adobe going to do I wonder, I know it's required for After Effects and Premiere Pro
  4. RedHeadsRule

    How do I remove unwanted Fonts from Photoshop CS5?

    I went through my font folder where I installed them and deleted the files, but they are still in Photoshop! There are several fonts that I downloaded from font sites that I no longer use and I would like to delete them so that it doesn't take so long for Photoshop to open up. I have looked all...