1. N

    Specific Edit out the HUD and touch the background up behind it a bit please?

    I would like the Timer, Ring count and symbol, and the Lives count and symbol removed please and the background where they were touched up a little bit, so it wont look obvious that something was edited out. Can I also ask that Shadow's spine the ring count sits infront of, is finished off to a...
  2. S

    Heisman Trophy

    Can someone please replace these 3 items: Tim Tebow with Deshaun Watson University of Florida with Clemson University 2007 with 2016 Thanks so much! This is for a joke between me and a Louisville fan.
  3. S

    Ahoy hoy.

    Hi I'm Stan, I'm a 21 year old from UK looking to share in what I enjoy doing. I'm here on this forum mainly to fill out free tasks for people using Photoshop. I'll try my best to meet the demands of users here. I'm a student at Staffordshire university, specifically studying Games Concept...
  4. C

    University project

    Hi, I need to make an ad for university followed by a report on that ad… I’m struggling with making the ad, as I have something pictured in my head but can’t quite realise it real life… I’m making an ad for Skittles in Singapore, by incorporating the product into a national icon, the...
  5. inkpad.t

    Dslr camera

    At last i have my hands on a DSLR camera with manual operations.... it's a CANON EOS 20D.... No idea how to use it yet but so pleased its a step up from the little point and shoot... it has a lens with it.. don't know what it is just yet... not relay had time to play around with it all.... BUT...