1. T

    Photoshop edit please? Removing unwanted objects

    I was just wondering if anybody can photoshop this to get rid of the 2 Letters in the curtain.:question: Letters "D" and "S". I would appreciate it.
  2. K

    remove shaddow outline around people. Make background one colour

    CAN NOT UPLOAD PHOTOS???? had these photos 'professionally' done however when received images on disk the shadow outline around the people is terrible. I own copyright of these images form photographer. She said she can not remove this for me. :neutral:
  3. Paul

    Green screen/Blue screen tricks.

    Is it possible to use say a green screen back drop take images of models then add them to other images with different backgrounds in Photoshop alone, or does it have to be via other Adobe programs? What i am trying to ask is would it be an easier cleaning process of green background over say...
  4. R

    Replace a range of colors with just one (or two, see msg)?

    Hi. I have a grayscale image, which has a certain wanted pattern of colours + some unwanted colors. The colors I want to leave are (rgb): 000 666 121212 181818 242424 303030 363636 424242 As you can see, there's a pattern :) Unfortunately there are some really "hard to select" colors also...
  5. D

    Remove Unwanted Person from Image

    Hello, I want to remove the girl behind me in the photo, is there anyway of doing this at all? please can anyone help me by any chance? thank you
  6. S

    4 METHODS to REMOVE Unwanted Details from an IMAGE with CS5

    These are 4 Techniques to Remove unwanted details from an Image without sacrificing the quality. Please leave your Valuable Comments if you like this Video. Suggest me any other method which is simple yet effective which I haven't mentioned in the Video. Thanks in advance.:cool2:
  7. JustThisGood

    REMOVING an unwanted TATTOO! (+adding one!)

    Guy told me he didnt like his tat, so i helped him see what it would look like