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  1. admin

    Activity Points and Levels for Existing Users have been Calculated

    Some of you may have noticed that your points and levels were not reflecting past activity in the new Activity & Awards system. This has now been fixed. Activity Points and Levels for all existing users have been calculated. All user profiles should now display the correct figures. Activity...
  2. R

    Updating smart objects across multiple psd's instantly?

    Has anyone come across a way or a plugin that can update smart object across multiple pad's. exactly the same way that InDesign updates images linked to the library. How this would help, when working accord multiple templates pages and you need to change 1 button on all multiple pages you...
  3. M

    Issues with photoshop "updating" then changing my fonts.

    Hello ! I'm currently working on a project that uses Arial. However, EVERY TIME I open a file that has Arial (not bold, not italic, just regular Arial) text, I get the message "Some text layers might need to be updated before they can be used for vector based output. Do you want to update...