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    [REQ] Logo for a landscaping page?

    I want a logo for a webpage that promotes my landscaping business. The webpage background is a slightly transparent black so whatever colors you think would look good with that. The image size is 240x60 pixels The name is Arizona Lawn and Landscape Its a lengthy title for a small picture so if...
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    Document Size

    I have a PSD that is 775 pixels across & 950 pixels down… Recently learned how to export all of the visible layers that I want… And turned those visible layers into their own JPEG files. Here is my question: Those newly created JPEG files, they retained the document size of the original...
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    Redisigning my webpage!

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of redesigning my webpage so I though I'd show my newest layout! the picture is going to be a place for "recent works" and the white spot will be the general front page description