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    Best way to erase fabric wrinkles

    Hello guys, I am looking for a fast and effective way to erase wrinkles on these fabric ducts hanging on the ceiling. The result should be smooth, but natural looking. The process will be done often and should be less time consuming if possible. I've tried frequency separation, but it only...
  2. M

    Reduce wrinkles from T-shirt

    Hi, Could some try to reduce the wrinkles from my T-shirt? I couldn't upload the pic to this forum without changing it, therefore I uploaded the original to https://ibb.co/hQzgYw Thanks in advance! PS: On second look I'd like to edit my face as well. I removed the bright spot of the sun...
  3. D

    Removing "wrinkles" in background from studio portrait shots

    Hi guys, I recently went for a wedding photoshoot in the studio. I managed to get the soft copies from the shoot, and am editing them myself (those that I didn't pay to have made into an album). A sample is: The problem is that I see that the background sheet (black and green) looked creased...
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    Improving cell phone camera head shot (was: Removing wrinkles)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Photoshop and I would like to edit my photo: - removing wrinkles (forehead, under eyes, the right cheek (left in picture)) - because of my glasses, you do not see skin under the edge of my glasses: I want this to be changed Can anyone help me with this?