1. I

    Scripting How to get snapshots?

    I wonder whether it is possible with a script to output the "snapshots" of the Camera-Raw-filter contained in an XMP file as individual JPG files or directly as individual layers in one PSD file. Here is a RAW example with 3 snapshots.
  2. revnart

    Photoshop files problem

    Hi today I run in problem I've never seen before. I always save files as tiff, with LZW compression, same byte order, without image pyramid etc. - exactly same settings as before. But when I send files to the PosterPrint (Roland Printer software we use) suddenly I get an error "Image file...
  3. G

    Metadata .xmp

    Hi all. I recently started shooting in RAW and I am trying to improve my workflow by using Bridge and reorganizing the folders my photos are stored in. I noticed that some of my RAW files have a separate .xmp file associated with them. I thought the whole point of .xmp was that the metadata was...