1. agentmoeller

    Apropos of nothing....

    ... I thought of a logo for a men's clothing business (or whatever) and scratched it out at work yesterday. Thought I would finish it up in Illustrator.
  2. M

    Files becomes black and without layers

    Hi, I have a problem, the file with whom i work yesterday became black. Yesterday i saved this file and put in standby the PC. This morning my PC has restart and has closed all. When i open Photoshop, some files had recovered, but one not. If i open this files it has only background layers and...
  3. Tom Mann

    Guess what I was photographing all day yesterday?

    Well, not quite all day, but close: from 0-dark-30 (ie, around 4 AM till dinner time). If no one guesses correctly, I'll keep adding more clues. :cheesygrin: Tom Clue #1:
  4. O

    B&W horizontal banding comes and goes when viewing in PS6

    So i thought i was seeing things yesterday until it happened again just now. i'm doing was doing a conversion to bw in nik software and i noticed yesterday that in the darker area in the sky i was seeing some color cast and or horizontal banding(PS6) i clicked on the the bottom to view doc...
  5. E

    photo with nikon d7100 and new tokina 11-16 c and c welcomed

    took this one yesterday , first shoot with the new lens ,
  6. Paul

    Just like to thank Chrisdesign for the birthday wishes - YESTERDAY

    Thanks Chris:thumbsup: